Each tree, each part of the tree, has its own particular destiny… The wood is our muse and our palette; its shapes and colors speak to those who listen”  George Nakashima

ED’s Wood Craft is home to my custom wood crafts. I work with unique and exotic woods. Each item is completely made by hand. I let the natural grains and flaws in the wood tell me what do and what the wood wants to become. Every piece is a one of a kind and no two are alike. I use many different woods such as: Spalted Maple; Spalted Elm; Ambrosia Maple; Mockernut Hickory; Olivewood; Kentucky Coffee Tree; Black Cherry; Butternut; Walnut; Guanacaste and more .  I’m always looking for that odd, one of a kind piece to see what I find when I open it up.

Most of my work is custom to meet a customer’s needs. I will try to stock as much as I can but if you see something you’d like or have an idea just email me at: ed.jenks@yahoo.com

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