About Me

I first learned woodworking in Junior High School Shop class where we learned the basics. Then in 11th grade I took Wood Shop over Chemistry and made a very big and heavy tool chest and turned a floor ashtray. Ever since I have always been drawn to making things out of wood. The older I’ve gotten the more I’ve done. Once retired and in our current house I had the space to add tools and had the time to take classes to expand my self taught knowledge.

I fell in love with Lived Edge tables after I saw George Nakashima’s work.  With my tables, I try to emulate what he would do with each piece of wood.  Woodturning grabbed me again in High School too and now it is my art form. I’ve added a verity of different products: Bandsaw boxes and unusual cutting boards.

I like working with different woods and letting the grains and flaws tell me what the wood wants to be. No two pieces can be alike.   I enjoy the excitement cutting open a raw piece of wood for the first time to discover what lies inside.   Putting a raw piece on the lathe and peeling away layers of wood to expose the hidden treasures in grain, flaws, texture, and colors gives me great pleasure.

I hope you find my work interesting enough to allow me to make something special for you.If you see something you like send me an email at. ed.jenks@yahoo.com

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