Cutting Boards

With Cutting Boards I can really let my imagination run, using end grain like you’ve never seen before. Many of my boards are framed foe extra accent. I experiment with different woods in my plaid boards. I have some Charcuterie boards in my head so look for them in the neat future.

  • Ambrosia Maple Cutting Board

    Ambrosia Maple Cutting Board

    A cutting board made of end grain Ambrosia Maple with Hickory frame. Like the oak cutting board I thought the end grain of this ambrosia damaged maple would look great. Note the hickory frame uses both heart and sap wood for contrast.
  • Cheese serving Board set.

    Cheese serving Board set.

    A large serving board made for a Cheese board. A customer asked me if I could make her a cheese board for a specials gift. This board I had in my shop and was destine to be a table, but I liked how the grain looked so I cut it up for this cheese board. It’s one piece of walnut, looks at the grain,, it’s framed with Hickory using both sap and heart wood for accent. The bowls are Hickory and the plate is walnut.
  • Oak End Grain Cutting board

    Oak End Grain Cutting board

    An end grain Oak cutting board with a walnut frame. Note the wave grain pattern. I just love this one. I’ll make some more playing with the grain patterns.
  • End Grain Black Walnut Cutting/Cheese Board

    End Grain Black Walnut Cutting/Cheese Board

    A very unique Black Walnut Cutting or Cheese board. The walnut had a lot of sap wood (the light wood) with a small heart wood (the dark wood). This was cut from the edge of the tree, it had to much sap wood to be of much value in furniture but as soon as I saw it. I saw this layout. Cut from the edge, 1&1/2″ thick pieces were turned on end and flipped so the grain looks on it’s self. Another unique item, you won’t find anywhere else.
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